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Portland, Oregon 97209
United States

Bars, Restaurants, Nightlife and Entertainment for Portland, Oregon. The Old Town Chinatown district of Portland has everything. 



The OTHG is proud to represent the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, and to serve a bevy of different interests centered around the longevity and well being of our visitors and residents. We work in close alliance with the OTCTCA and the CBA, NeigborsWNW, amongst others. 

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Oldtown CHINATOWN Hospitality

The Old Town Chinatown Hospitality Group is a proud member of the Old Town community of Portland, Oregon. We are self governing, but are represented in the OTCT Community Association, and the OTCT Business Association. 


The Old Town Chinatown Community Association operates as a Portland neighborhood association as recognized by the city's Office of Neighborhood Involvement.